The accuracy of Arbotom

I’ve been using my Arbotom tree tomograph instrument for a year now and am very impressed with its accuracy.


The first set of images below show a Lime (Tilia cordata) infected with the (primarily root and stem) decay fungus Kretschmaria deusta (Stubbdyna in Swedish). Fortsätt läsa ”The accuracy of Arbotom”

Cankers on Aspen

West Sweden is home to many Aspen (Populus tremuli). They are fast-growing and the finest tree to listen to on a breezy day.

Unfortunately, Aspen are host to a number of pathogens, some of which can have a significant affect on the tree’s structure and safety. Due to the large number of Aspen in school playgrounds, I’ve recently been paying more attention to these pathogens. Fortsätt läsa ”Cankers on Aspen”

Inonotus obliquus and tomography

Inonotus obliquus, also known as ”sprängticka” here in Sweden, is an interesting fungus. I’ve only seen it in Sweden and only on Birch (Betula spp.). Recently I’ve been comparing the actual decay caused by the fungus with the readings from my Rinntech Arbotom tomograph.

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